History of Department of Business Development

The Department of Business Development is the department that changed its name from the Department of Commercial Registration according to the reengineering effective from 3 October 2002 as enacted in the Organization of State Administration Act (Fifth Amendment) B.E. 2545 and the Act Amending Ministry, Sub-Ministry and Department B.E.2545.
Regarding the outcome of such reengineering, in addition to the change of “Department of Commercial Registration” to “Department of Business Development”,
the department has improved its roles, missions, and organization structure starting from transferring measurement unit to report to Department of Internal Trade, Ministry of Commerce and transferring fuel jobs to Department of Energy Business, Ministry of Energy.At the same time, the Department has received business development and promotion duties,the registration duties, and the promotion of trade association and chamber from Department of Internal Trade and new duties, namely,service and e-commerce business promotion, to perform with the original duties, namely, business registrationduties, business supervision, and business services.

History of Department of Commercial Registration
His Majesty the King Vajiravudh ordered to establish the Department of Commercial Registration as the Department with the director as its head on 15 January B.E.2466 and assigned Phra Komarakul Montri (Cheun Komarakul Na Nakorn) as the first Director of Department of Commercial Registration to be onsible for measurement and commercial registration.

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Available: http://www.dbd.go.th/mainsite/index.php?id=4&L=1


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, Ministry of Commerce Please click here http://www.dbd.go.th/mainsite/index.php?id=1569&L=1

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